Grammar of the Circassian Language

Predicative basis which has value of predicative property is one of the types of predicative bases of  a sentence as a predicative unit. This type of predicative basis can be called the minimum predicative basis. Semantics of the minimum predicative basis is the minimum semantics of predicative basis of a sentence. The minimum predicative basis represents the highest level of abstraction.

U. S. Zekokh

The Circassian Grammar, 2002

About this section

This section reviews morphology and syntax of the Circassian language. Morphology describes words and their forms, and groups, which are called parts of speech, they belong to. It describes the ways words are formed and how they change. In the Circassian language the morphology section is wide and difficult, because the words can change significantly. Modifying their shape they can move to another part of speech or even form whole sentences. Here you can find reviews of (traditionally set) Circassian parts of speech and lists of the most commonly used words belonging to them. The syntax section reviews types of Circassian combinations of words and sentences, and the ways to build them.