Caucasian mountains
Caucasian mountains

Legend first

How the Caucasus Mountains have appeared.

Travelling through the Caucasus the world-wide famous French writer Alexander Dyuma wrote down an interesting legend about the origin of the Caucasus Mountains. Here it is this legend in short.

Many, many years ago, when there were not mountains there was only a hill plain between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, one hermit settled here. Days and nights he prayed. The Satan did not like it and he began to lead astray the hermit with blasphemous and godless speeches: turn away from God, refuse from God.

The hermit thought for a long time how he could rid himself from the Satan. And the God whispered him. Once the hermit made red-hot big pincers and waited for the Satan. At night the Satan pushed his mug into the cell and the holy old man caught him for his nose. The Satan cried, twitched, beaten with his tail from Sea to Sea. The land has shaken and swelled up. In some places from the Satan's blows the land rose to the sky, forming rocks and in some places it collapsed and gloomy, dark gorges and canyons appeared. And the Satan himself pulled out and fell into nether world.

But the Caucasus Mountains remained.