Ways of investments into the republic
Ways of investments into the republic
Building of communications
Building of communications
Communication points
Communication points

Investment Policy

Within the adopted Law "About the investment policy in the Republic of Adygeya" foreign investors are being attracted. There are 53 organizations with foreign investments in Adygeya. The general volume of attracted investments is 3,6 million US dollars.

According to the Program "The South of Russia" projects that in general cost 153 billion roubles are supported to be fulfilled. The budget will spare 11,5 billion roubles and other means must be attracted as investments - 40% and 11% - local budgets.

The program provides:

  • formation of effective transport corridors - water corridor Volga-Don-Dunai; motorway connection countries of Mid- and Central Asia through the territories of Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan using the ferries across Caspij;
  • development of gas and oil mining in Caspian Sea and building of gas and oil mines for transportation;
  • development of tourist and resort complex in Krasnaya Poljana, Elbrus foothills, Dombai, Lago-Naki.

The program provides for development of transport and electrical energetic complex.

General cost of projects included into the program is 4 billion roubles. Federal budget spares 0,9 billion roubles (22,5%), 0,6 billion (15%) - Federal Fund of Regional Development and federal programs - 0,3 billion roubles (7,5%).

The republic and local budgets must invest 0,4 billion roubles to realize the program.

The following projects will be carried out:

  • building of Dakhovski water-pipe;
  • building of glass-tare producing factory;
  • development of tourism;
  • to supply settlement Kamennomostski with gas;
  • to regulate oat production and over-working to get malt;
  • to support stock-company "Kartontara".

Moreover, federal budget will spare money on building village schools and hospitals.

Investment policy in Adygeya is realized in the following way: development of republic investment legislation; formation of information openness of the republic; creating of market structure, providing the process of investment in Adygeya; support of producing sphere in order to get financial stability and to attract investors.

According to the Program "Social and Economic Development of the Republic of Adygeya in 1998-2001", "Kartontara" is reconstructing the process of production. A new line produced by "Martin", France is put into operation. It costs 6,3 million US dollars. A contract of buying-and-selling is signed with Austrian firm "Foit-Zulzer Papiermachinen AG" which costs 204 million Austrian shillings.According to the signed contract "Petrofoit Ltd", Petrozavodsk, will supply equipment for the reconstructing.